Dastoli Digital

This is the 31st film for Dastoli Digital. James and Robert Dastoli wrote, directed, shot and edited the film. They also did all of the sound work and composting, and created all the CG elements.

Robert Dastoli

Robert Dastoli lends his voice to the Saucermen, as well as filling in as various extras. Past roles for Robert include Sal in The Drop Off and Johnny in Mr. Downtown.

James Dastoli

James Dastoli plays the role of the Mayor’s Advisor. In the past he has stepped into such characters as Sam Cain in Nice Night for a Murder, and action hero Vic Gagne. He also plays various extras in the film.

Jordyn Roberts

Producer Jordyn Roberts has worked with Dastoli Digital in the past, playing the daughter character in A Wind to Shake the Stars. She also plays numerous park guests in the film.

Sean Beeson

Providing the original score for the film along with Dan Rogers is Evasive Maneuvers composer Sean Beeson.

Dan Rogers

For this score, fellow composer Dan Rogers collaborated with Sean Beeson.

Alejandro Kontarovsky

A frequent collaborator of Dastoli Digital, Alejandro has worked on almost every Dastoli Digital film since Bottom Floor, co-writing A Wind to Shake the Stars, and playing the character of Young Man in Complete Breakfast, A Wind to Shake the Stars and now Southwestern Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers.

Mickey Dastoli

Mickey Dastoli has been appearing in Dastoli Digital films since the beginning with Smiert Spionam. Notable roles include Louie the Owl in Mr. Downtown and the Old Man in Divination. Here he plays the character of the Theme Park Head.

Carl Fieler

Providing the voice of the Theme Park Head is Carl Fieler. He also played various park guests in the film. Carl has performed in such roles as Bart Peterson in Errand Boys and the Adventurer in A Wind to Shake the Stars.

Drew Lindo

Pulp serial hero Britt Rockledge, a character in the movie within the movie is played by Drew Lindo, who also wrote the sequence. Drew was a writer for Errand Boys and Evasive Maneuvers, which he also produced, as well as playing the villain Remeaux.

Christy Rubenstein

Production Manager Christy Rubenstein also plays Britt Rockledge’s love interest Lana Bright, as well as numerous extras. Christy has played small roles in Dark Exposures, Bottom Floor and Evasive Maneuvers.

Dominick Vicchiullo

Dominick Vicchiullo is one of the Newscasters in the film. He has worked with Dastoli Digital in Dark Exposures as detective Tom Bennet, as well as being the receptionist in Bottom Floor, and the father in A Wind to Shake the Stars.

Maria Paris

Also returning from Dark Exposures and A Wind to Shake the Stars is Maria Paris, who plays another Newscaster in the film.

Rich Grula

Playing the Mayor of Orlando is Rich Grula. This is his first collaboration with Dastoli Digital.

P. Sanchez

Famous for playing Lindsay in Evasive Maneuvers, and the model in Weekday Service, P. Sanchez fills the role of the Mayor’s Plaything.

Jeffrey Ashkin

Jeffrey Ashkin reprises his role as Maintenance Person from Bottom Floor, which he also wrote.

Paul Sanders

This is the first time working with Dastoli Digital for Paul Sanders, who plays the Head of the Orange County Visitors Bureau.

Drew Suppa

Drew Suppa once again plays a security guard, a role that he filled in Evasive Maneuvers. He can also be seen as an extra in the film.

Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman’s first appearance in a Dastoli Digital film is as Professor Frothblagon, a role based off the character of Dr. Frothblagon in Earth vs. the Paper Airplanes.

Sean Kantrowitz

Sharing the ride queue video with Professor Frothblagon is Sean Kantrowitz as Barnaby. Sean can also be seen as a multitude of extras in the film.

Park Guests / Park Employees / Spieling Voices / Animatronic Figures / Board Members / Reporters / Parking Lot Extras / Grips

Matt London

Brian Fieg

Phil Chernyak

Ed Lader

Audrey Lader


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Maggie Rubens

Dakota Bell

Jesse Rubens

Tracy Rubens

Bryce Rubens

Anne Seabright

Esther Shin

Graham Sheldon


Molly Willis

Chelsea Buck

Piper LeJeune

Justin Lader

Jenna Zwald


Michael Tully

Jonathan Boozy

Christine Lewis

Triné Alimena

Pat De Nicola

Mike Lydon

Donny Copeland

Tom Berry

Jake Nabel


Cristina Allica

Melissa Becker

Matt Chai

Faith Fetzer

Shannon Bennett

Chris Shields

Carol Dastoli

Brett Bonowicz

Melissa Asarch


Kate Schults